A Friend Talking about Breastfeeding

We have been fortunately visited recently by a friend of mine who is also a member of the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy (NABA). She was here upon my invitation, to speak to us in behalf of the organization she belongs to about breastfeeding and the benefits to both the mother and the children who practice it. She came and visited us, even if our place is very far from hers, and in spite of her hectic schedules, she found time for us, to which we are very grateful of.

Janna and I go way back. We go to the same school together and are classmates during all of our tertiary years. Our fathers were members of the same local bowlers club at our place, so we always got to spend time with each other and stuff. You can safely say we really are close friends, as our interests and hobbies also are in tune with each other, we even like the same boys back then, but we never really fought about it or anything as the two of us valued our studies more than anything else. We later separated as we both went to different colleges, but always tried our best to keep in contact through the years.

She spoke about what breastfeeding is and how it was properly done as an introduction to her presentation. She followed it by discussing relevant facts on the merits of breastfeeding and why it was very important to the child’s first two years, always driving home the point of how there’s really no substitute for it, and also cited several statistics regarding the superior health of those who underwent it during their infancy as against those who have not been breastfed.

Her presentation was so detailed that she even tackled most of the foods to avoid while breastfeeding, which also came as a surprise as we all didn’t seem to know them being particularly bad for breastfeeding. Among the food items she gave as examples were coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, dairy products, citrus, garlic and many more common items that we consume every day. She said that oftentimes, the food that we eat generally gets passed to the baby, and could be quite harmful to them because of their not yet mature digestive system and their inability to flush it from their still developing bodies.

She wrapped up her presentation by eventually talking about how to stop breastfeeding and knowing when is the right time for it, saying that it is usually the mothers who really know when. She just advised on a weaning period of about a month so that the baby would not be shocked about the separation, and will be given ample time to adjust to it.

The presentation lasted for about three hours, all of them she spent standing up and talking to us. After that came the question and answer portion and it ate up another hour of her time. That was a pretty long time for anybody to do a particular thing, and it really shows her love for the topic. I admired her dedication to her convictions and she seemed very happy about it. I just hope I can make it up to her somehow.

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