A Very Happy Day at the Meeting

Some of our members are currently on their way with their first child and are very lucky that they became a part of our group. All of us are mothers, and at one point or another, has already experienced being pregnant and know almost all of the things related to it, that if they happen to have any questions regarding it, they will surely be answered in depth and on point most, if not all of the time.

One of these expecting mothers had a question, probably just on a whim, about when was the exact time that her baby was first developed or more candidly, when did they make it. Most of the group being veteran mothers, kind of smiled at the naiveté of the soon to be minted mother, and was reminded of their own innocence pertaining the topic, way back when they were also expecting their first child.

Some mothers teased the girl on having no idea about the topic, which made the girl red on the face, but all was done with good faith and with no malice attached, just good clean fun on the part of the mothers. Stories then were naturally told about each mother’s experience, some volunteering their story, some doing so after much prodding and also some which remained steadfast on their conviction of not telling the details of how they made their children, probably scared of being teased themselves.

After the ruckus ended, they kind of remembered why they talked about the topic in the first place and turned to the girl who first started the discussion. They told her of a thing on the internet which could help her find out about her query. It is somewhat a kind of Implantation Calculator, like this one, wherein one must first input relevant data that is being asked for like the date of her last period, the frequency and length of it, as well as the date of the last ovulation among other things, and a date of implantation would then appear telling which date it is that the implantation did occur. Some implantation calculators even include the date when the baby will be eventually born and other cool stuff.

The inquiring mother promised to visit the site later and continued to ask several more questions after she realized that all attention was focused on her, maybe thinking that it is the right time to finally end all her qualms about pregnancy. So she asked us on what are the typical signs of implantation that commonly occurs to pregnant mothers, because she said she was not still sure of, and is hard put on believing she is really pregnant.

The chorus was deafening as all the mothers in the room decided to talk at the same time, which was very funny to look at and experience. But upon realizing what they are doing, most of the mothers stopped talking and kind of looked at each other in a kind of silly way, and after a brief spell of silence, the laughter came back with a vengeance.

They never did get back to discussing the poor girls questions as they were lost in all things funny after that episode. It is like this in almost all of our meetings, typical mothers just letting off steam and having fun with each other.

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