Casual Talk about Asthma

Several of the mothers which I am acquainted with, and also part of our group, are suffering from asthma. I have seen them sometimes laboring for breath during several of our weekly meetings, more so when the weather is particularly hot and also during the spring when plants bloom and many kinds of seeds and pollen, which may be classified as allergens, goes airborne seeking to reproduce. Dust also kinds of affect them terribly and even household pets seems to aggravate their condition.

I sometimes see them getting some form of white contraption from their purses when they are close to being out of breathe. I found out later that these handheld portable devices were in fact asthma inhalers, which delivers a spritz of medicine to their lungs that somehow alleviates the symptoms of an asthma attack. Some of the asthma suffering mothers has these inhalers but some of them don’t, which naturally sort of piqued my curiosity. But I dread the thought of the time when they don’t have any inhaler on hand and an attack is imminent, what then are they going to do?

I know that asthma is one of those illnesses that have no particular cure and stuff, and the medicine that is taken for it usually just handles the symptom of it and not the cause. So I asked several of them about what it feels to have asthma, and what their views about it are, and also of what in particular are they doing about it.

Almost all the mothers that I have talked to, was resigned to their fates with regards to them suffering with asthma. Most of them told me that they have been suffering for it since they were young, so they somehow just learned to live with it. They told me of how hard it is to breathe when the onset of symptoms begin, and of how it felt like there is always fluid in lungs, kind of like a gargling feeling deep in your body, when you are just normally breathing. They are particularly afraid of the feeling of air being squeezed tightly out of your body, and having no means to suck it back in because of constricted air passageways.

Some of them profess to the goodness of the inhaler, saying it was their savior many times in their lives. Others, who I presume was just mild asthma sufferers, detest the thing, saying that it only makes them feel groggy most of the time, and also hinder them thinking clearly. These others are also of the belief of natural or even homemade remedies to their illness. They said that Vitamin C and Omega Fatty Acids which can be naturally found in fishes, and also serve as natural antihistamine, worked wonders on them. They said that they always make it a point to always include them in their diets and was working perfectly for them, making asthma attacks fewer and far in between.

About the question I had earlier, I asked them of what they would do if ever they don’t have an inhaler handy when asthma suddenly appears. All their answers were the same as they all said that they would eventually just pray hard, that someone would help them if ever that situation happens. So in asthma, if all else fails, pray.

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