Our Take on Photography

Another one of our monthly meetings have passed and may I say that it has been a pretty successful one to say the least. We have discussed, among other things, our hobbies, which dare I say was only limited to two areas mainly on photography and exercise. We are all women after all and mothers at that, so it wasn’t any surprise that we all have, more or less, the same kind of thinking about things.

During light moments we kept discussing about photography and everything about it. What is a nice camera, the different types of lenses, how to shoot subjects, also the more technical things like what is an aperture or time of exposure, what’s the best travel tripod available in the market, and even the best camera cases, etc. It was really fun talking about it and very informative too.

Just imagine that our planned topic for the day was about water safety in the home, and although we took a swing at it and discussed several alternatives for safe drinking water like what’s the best filtration system out there or the best reverse osmosis system that is already available for home use, but we always managed to get waylaid on discussion which seem to always gravitate towards photography.

Even the ones who are not very keen about the subject became interested in it as the discussions became torrid with each and every member having her say on this and that. It was fun all throughout the meeting and I did learn a lot from it. I did not get to share any thoughts on the matter as I was too busy directing traffic and maintaining proper decorum amongst the members, who were more like little children showing off their newest toys to their friends, which also looked kind of cute.

Well we were almost to the point of discussing making another club about you know what, yes photography. Some even suggested that we have a separate meeting date about it and that it should be an ongoing weekly thing. It was a little fortunate that they saw the logistics involved in such an undertaking to be very much daunting and very hard to fit on our schedules, mothers do have quite very little time to spare as it is.

What was suggested, and eventually agreed upon, was for us to create a Facebook group that is wholly dedicated to photography. There we could post any picture taken by any member on any subject matter under the sun. It would also be the place where anyone can post tutorials or tips and tricks that could also benefit everybody. We could also talk as much as we want in there with no limit of time or place whatsoever, so that’s very nice.

It is very good that we found something we could all agree upon as it makes us so much closer to one another. It also offers us an avenue where we can express ourselves much more and gives us another way of relaxation that is very far away from the stresses of daily life.

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Mother’s Day Sayings: A Well-Rounded Collection of Quotes

Mother’s Day Sayings: A Well-Rounded Collection of Quotes

Have you thought about hand-writing personalized Mother’s Day sayings into a card, e-mail, or text message this year? Or maybe after reading ideas from this page, you’ve decided to create your own card and you need a funny or thoughtful saying to finish the piece? Finding the right words to let your mother know how much you appreciate her efforts can be difficult, but the following collection of Mother’s Day sayings has plenty of sayings and quotes that are great for a wide range of Mother’s Day treats, cards, or notes.

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Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day Ideas – From Phone Calls to Brunches to Benches

Your search for Mother’s Day ideas needn’t be restricted to simply trying to find a nice gift. Admittedly, most mothers will more than appreciate simply being remembered. A greeting card is always a good idea if your mother lives far away. A phone call will often mean even more to her.  While most people enjoy receiving gifts, and mothers are no exception, they can be genuinely hurt if the Day passes by without a word from anyone in their family. Just sending a card or making a phone call isn’t being cheap, but either should be considered to be a minimum one should give as a gesture of love and appreciation. There are at least a couple of things you can do for your mother on her special day. The most important thing of all however is to remember it, no matter how you go about doing so. The next important thing is to do something special for your mother, if you’re in a position to do so.
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Mothers Discussing about Childhood Implements

It has come to our attention that many of our members are currently taking care of toddlers and babies and are in need of good cribs or something where they can put their little kids to play, sleep or to just be the babies that they are, whatever that is. It is a minor problem with regards to taking care of children but certainly an important one as there are times when we really need to put our kids down to tend to something.

It’s not that we don’t love them or are taking them for granted, but a mother’s duty truly is never ever finished. We take care of our children, we bathe them, feed them, play with them, comfort them when they are sick, get them to sleep, and other worthwhile jobs, but it does not stop there. There are still other chores around the house which begs of a mother’s attention, a whole lot of them I’m afraid.

So there really is a need for some place safe and comfortable with which to put our little kids down for a while, in-order for us do other important things around the house. So how do we know which one to buy?

Many of our members did mention what they have and how it worked out for them. They volunteered several things to look out for in buying the best crib or the best pack n play out in the market today. They say that we should look out for the under supports and that they should not be felt when you are inside the thing, also check out for the mattress and padding if they are thick enough.

Another concern is the material that the furniture is made of, that it should contain no harmful things like lead and thoroughly hypo allergenic for total peace of mind. Of course there should be nothing in there were the child can either bump himself on or get tangled upon while playing. No little things for them to accidentally choke on and if it was high enough to discourage escape.

The discussion naturally veered towards the best lightweight luggage to buy for the times you and you’re child get out of the house. It should be thoroughly spacious enough for you to put everything in. Items like several baby bottles, wipes, extra clothes, medicine, pacifiers, milk mixtures, and all the other things you think you need to have with you when you are on the go.

There are really a lot of things a mother thinks about. The preceding discussion is quite a good example of just how much thinking goes into such simple things that many of us just take for granted. And that is just one aspect of a mother’s job and there are myriads more left for her to consider and act upon.

There is truth in the saying that a mother’s work is never finished. We are not complaining as the payment for all our labors is truly worth it and much more valuable that gold, love.

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Having Dog Problems

I have been yearning to get my hands on a Bichon Poodle for such a long time now. In fact once I get rid of our current dog, which is a Doberman, I would be sure of getting one posthaste.

I do not have anything against Dobermans per se and I think they are said to be particularly loyal kinds of dog, but ours seem to be a little bit crazy and stuff. You really can’t tell of a dog’s demeanor just by basing it on his breed or other parameters, sadly you have to experience it firsthand before knowing it, as was our case. It is like he’s the black sheep of the entire Doberman breed or something.

He keeps digging through most of our backyard and he even barks at us like he doesn’t know us. The children are also getting pretty scared of him so I thought of letting him go finally. But I also thought that instead of getting him be put to sleep or something to that effect, which is pretty much cruel if you asked me, maybe I will just send him to the pound for adoption or something. I did give him many chances to shape up, but it seems that he is already set on his ways and will never change, that is why I have given up on him.

Anyways, back to my dream dog of which I am very close to owning one, and I very well know that the children would love the idea of it too as they are very family oriented kinds of dog that are typical to these kinds of poodle mixes. The Bichon Poodle is generally a small kind of dog that is no bigger than a poodle and weighs just as much, or around ten to fifteen pounds when fully grown. They have soft wavy coats that never shed, which is an inherent trait of the poodle, and they also has floppy looking ears and pointy kind of muzzles, not to mention their small round eyes that is always enchanting to look at. Their average life expectancy is about eleven to fifteen man years, which if you think about it, makes them sturdy kinds of dogs built for the long haul type of thing.

Bichon Poodles are very intelligent and family oriented at the same time. They like to always please people which make them very suitable around children, and they are also very conducive to learning, that it is not far from them performing many kinds of tricks, provided they are trained well that is.

I think the Bichon Poodle is a perfect match for me and my family. A small, unassuming and loving dog, not to mention a gorgeous one that will always be around when you call, never fights you, and never digs large holes in the backyard, which he probably can’t even manage to do, but I am willing to see him try as that would be a cute little sight.

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Tooth Misadventure

It was a busy day for me as I was lost in preparation for our weekly meeting this coming Saturday. It is the group’s anniversary again and I want to make sure everything would go according to plan and turn out well. Today I was shopping around for cakes that will be the focal point of our celebration, because we all know everybody loves cake, mothers included, and it was important for the cake to be big enough to fit most of our names in it, probably just nicknames or initials, but still it has to be really big. It also has to taste good as nobody ever wants a bland cake so I am making sure to find a delicious one that everybody would enjoy.

Then it happened. On the third bakeshop that I went to, whose cakes were both good looking and delicious to boot, I kind of chipped one of my tooth, during a taste testing of sorts, when I bit into a cake that had many nuts in it. I was thinking that maybe that was my punishment for eating cakes all day and that made me smile a little bit.

But the smile was immediately wiped off from my face as I felt a shooting kind of pain on the chipped tooth. It was so severe that it stopped me talking and had to find a chair to sit down on, as I can barely stand up from the throbbing pain that I felt. The store owner was kind enough to bring me a glass of water, and also instructed one of his workers to buy for me Tylenol for tooth pain relief and it was also good that a drugstore was nearby, as I don’t really see myself walking after this.

After much gargling in the bathroom to remove any remaining nuts in my teeth and drinking the medicine, the pain subsided a little bit, offering me a window to offer my profuse thanks to these men who helped me. I just left my card and promised to get back to them, with regards to the cake that I will be ordering for this coming Saturday. The owner concurred and I was almost out the door, when the pain came back. Believe me I froze on the door because of the pain.

The same set of men helped me again, this time bringing ice to somehow numb the pain that I am feeling. Now I really don’t know from where the pain is really coming from. There is gum pain, tooth pain and even the back of my head seems to ache as much and I am at a loss of what to do. Times like these you don’t think about anything else, a war may be breaking outside the store and you really won’t feel it, all you know is that your tooth is aching.

They also drove me to a local dentist and had an emergency tooth bonding done under anesthesia. I was so lucky that I went to the right store to have an episode like that. I can’t imagine what might happen to me if that was not the case. Kudos to the men of Jules Bakery located at 3201 Armar Drive, you really did your very best in helping me, and you have my business from now on.

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Coloring Project for the Group

Since it’s been a while that we did something out of the ordinary, I am thinking of proposing a little project for all the moms that are part of our group. Coloring books have been a passion of mine since I was little and I wanted to share my experiences with it to other people, particularly kids of this generation who, at an early age, seem to have lost themselves to everything electronic. I want to at least make them experience real physical activities and also for them to make several friends along the way, through the old fashion way.

coloring pensColoring books are powerful learning tools that encourage the overall progress of a child. When a child colors something, he further hones his hand to eye coordination, which is still in its developing stages, and when repeated oftentimes, will also lead to a much sharper mind capable of awakening different new pathways in the brain. Coloring books also help the child’s cognitive abilities like his perception of things, his motor skills, his attention and memory, and also of his visual and spatial acuity among other things.

But the most important thing that coloring books seem to have developed in me is creativity. Where else can you create a world wherein you are capable of doing whatever you like? I have fond memories of me getting lost in this magical world and I am guilty of continuing it until now. Sometimes I just download images from the internet like the Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages or the Skylanders Coloring Pages and print it for my children to color, you can find them at www.hmcoloringpages.com. I do join them in coloring these images and it makes for a very happy and productive afternoon with the kids.

What I am eventually planning to do, is that I would print many of these coloring pages, probably around five hundred different images, and then we would invite the moms in our group to bring their little children with them, so that we can enjoy an afternoon of coloring. And all of us, including the mothers, would have to join in on the fun, no one is exempted. It certainly would be a very nice, if not chaotically funny, sight to watch every one of us holding a crayon and bent down coloring something.

But in order for the activity to push through, I must have it first be approved by the group, and we also must dig through all the gritty details involved in this sort of undertaking. I would gladly volunteer the printing of the images, but the funding for all the crayons that was needed to be purchased must be found. Maybe we could chip in for the total cost but I really don’t know if they will agree with it. Another thing is the place where it will be held, there is about a hundred of us moms in our group, and estimating that every mother would bring at least one child will make it about two hundred of us present in the event, now where will we find that large a place that can fit all of us.

I’m beginning to think that this is not a very feasible idea, but I tell you that if this ever pushes through, they would be eventually thanking me, as I believe this would be a very productive, if not very happy event for all of us. I just wish we get to hold it.

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Getting rid of fleas on humans

If you have ever kept a pet dog or a cat, you know a flea problem can be troublesome and irritating, to say the least. Dogs and cats and other pets get fleas quite often so there is nothing uncommon about that, but when humans start getting fleas it can become quite messy. Once you get fleas from your pets, it takes a lot of effort and many measures to completely get rid of the problem. As someone who has had to deal with this nuisance, I can tell you a lot about fleas on humans, the symptoms, and how you can completely get rid of them. The first sign that you or someone else has fleas is itching and appearance of small insect bites over the body, especially in the skin folds and back of the legs and elbows. These insect bite marks are itchy and if you press them they become white, which is one of the most telling signs of fleas on the body.

The first and the most important step is to make sure that your dog or cat is completely free of fleas since fleas on humans keep on appearing till the pet is completely clean. There are certain shampoos and sprays that are very effective in keeping your pets free from fleas and ticks. If you are not sure, you can always ask the vet to advise you so that you can buy the appropriate product.

One thing you have to remember is that if you get fleas, they are everywhere in your house – the bed, the sofa, the chairs, the carpet. So what you need to do is get someone to spray insecticides in your house so that you can get rid of all the fleas. This will have to be an extensive spraying process as you will have to make sure that none of the fleas are left afterwards and your home – and everything in it- is completely clean. You might even have to repeat the procedure a couple of times to make sure that it worked. If you have children at home, it might be advisable to go over to someone else’s place or stay in a motel for a couple of nights so that your family is not affected by the spray.

Fleas on humans can cause a lot of itching and scratching and people who have them will be extremely uncomfortable. If you feel that the itching is getting a little too much and is impossible for you to bear, you can try a hydrocortisone cream which will help redness and the itchiness subside and offer some level of comfort. There are also some anti-allergy pills which can help reduce the effects of the flea bites; however you need to check with your doctor before you can take anything like this.

Once your home is cleared of all the fleas, make sure that you take every step possible to save your pets from fleas as they are the reasons we get fleas on humans.

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A Friend Talking about Breastfeeding

We have been fortunately visited recently by a friend of mine who is also a member of the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy (NABA). She was here upon my invitation, to speak to us in behalf of the organization she belongs to about breastfeeding and the benefits to both the mother and the children who practice it. She came and visited us, even if our place is very far from hers, and in spite of her hectic schedules, she found time for us, to which we are very grateful of.

Janna and I go way back. We go to the same school together and are classmates during all of our tertiary years. Our fathers were members of the same local bowlers club at our place, so we always got to spend time with each other and stuff. You can safely say we really are close friends, as our interests and hobbies also are in tune with each other, we even like the same boys back then, but we never really fought about it or anything as the two of us valued our studies more than anything else. We later separated as we both went to different colleges, but always tried our best to keep in contact through the years.

She spoke about what breastfeeding is and how it was properly done as an introduction to her presentation. She followed it by discussing relevant facts on the merits of breastfeeding and why it was very important to the child’s first two years, always driving home the point of how there’s really no substitute for it, and also cited several statistics regarding the superior health of those who underwent it during their infancy as against those who have not been breastfed.

Her presentation was so detailed that she even tackled most of the foods to avoid while breastfeeding, which also came as a surprise as we all didn’t seem to know them being particularly bad for breastfeeding. Among the food items she gave as examples were coffee, alcohol, spicy foods, dairy products, citrus, garlic and many more common items that we consume every day. She said that oftentimes, the food that we eat generally gets passed to the baby, and could be quite harmful to them because of their not yet mature digestive system and their inability to flush it from their still developing bodies.

She wrapped up her presentation by eventually talking about how to stop breastfeeding and knowing when is the right time for it, saying that it is usually the mothers who really know when. She just advised on a weaning period of about a month so that the baby would not be shocked about the separation, and will be given ample time to adjust to it.

The presentation lasted for about three hours, all of them she spent standing up and talking to us. After that came the question and answer portion and it ate up another hour of her time. That was a pretty long time for anybody to do a particular thing, and it really shows her love for the topic. I admired her dedication to her convictions and she seemed very happy about it. I just hope I can make it up to her somehow.

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True Meaning of Community

There recently were several cases of diarrhea that happened in one of our neighbors which brought a little worry to not a few residents here in our place. You see we are kind of a tight knit community and we keep it a point to help one another in any way we can, be it babysitting for one another or house guarding whenever the residents are away on vacation, we always volunteer our services to those who are in need. Many of the residents are in fact related to one another and almost all of us kind of knew each other since we were little, so it is not hard to imagine the things we are willing to do to help.

The household in question belongs to that of my close friend Abby, who is also in the later part of her pregnancy, and is currently living alone with her two little kids, mainly because her husband is away on a business trip of sorts and is not due back till next month. So you can clearly see the worry that we have for them.

Abby and her two kids, aged two and five, were all suffering from diarrhea and is hard put on maintaining daily living because of the stresses being put on them by the illness. Notwithstanding that she is pregnant and that diarrhea during pregnancy, although not very serious, is very hard, especially to Abby who is alone taking all the responsibility for the three of them, says that she didn’t particularly know what caused it.

Diarrhea is almost always caused by factors outside of our body. Its causes are usually from bacteria, viruses, medication, food intolerances, food poisoning among other things and even stress can cause it. Diarrhea is characterized by frequent bowel movements, usually liquid, in a span of a short time. Its cure is dependent on what eventually caused it, and although not recommended, it usually cures itself when left alone, typically within two to three days from its onset.

What is important in diarrhea is to always guard against dehydration from happening, particularly with diarrhea in toddlers, whose bodies are not yet fully developed and has no means of quickly flushing the toxins by themselves, dehydration poses a very large risk to their well-being, and also ultimately to their lives.

I, along with two friends, volunteered to stay with them until everything was okay. We were to take shifts on staying with them, making sure that there is always somebody there, whatever the time, which they can call to and ask for help and what not. Others took care of finding what did cause their diarrhea, which we later found out was the spoiled burritos that they ate.

We are also planning to take the matter up with the restaurant that served them the burritos and charge them for whatever cost is incurred with regards to their illness, and also demand the changing of their procedures so that this thing will never happen again. With the help of everyone around them, thankfully they did manage to get well soon enough.

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Casual Talk about Asthma

Several of the mothers which I am acquainted with, and also part of our group, are suffering from asthma. I have seen them sometimes laboring for breath during several of our weekly meetings, more so when the weather is particularly hot and also during the spring when plants bloom and many kinds of seeds and pollen, which may be classified as allergens, goes airborne seeking to reproduce. Dust also kinds of affect them terribly and even household pets seems to aggravate their condition.

I sometimes see them getting some form of white contraption from their purses when they are close to being out of breathe. I found out later that these handheld portable devices were in fact asthma inhalers, which delivers a spritz of medicine to their lungs that somehow alleviates the symptoms of an asthma attack. Some of the asthma suffering mothers has these inhalers but some of them don’t, which naturally sort of piqued my curiosity. But I dread the thought of the time when they don’t have any inhaler on hand and an attack is imminent, what then are they going to do?

I know that asthma is one of those illnesses that have no particular cure and stuff, and the medicine that is taken for it usually just handles the symptom of it and not the cause. So I asked several of them about what it feels to have asthma, and what their views about it are, and also of what in particular are they doing about it.

Almost all the mothers that I have talked to, was resigned to their fates with regards to them suffering with asthma. Most of them told me that they have been suffering for it since they were young, so they somehow just learned to live with it. They told me of how hard it is to breathe when the onset of symptoms begin, and of how it felt like there is always fluid in lungs, kind of like a gargling feeling deep in your body, when you are just normally breathing. They are particularly afraid of the feeling of air being squeezed tightly out of your body, and having no means to suck it back in because of constricted air passageways.

Some of them profess to the goodness of the inhaler, saying it was their savior many times in their lives. Others, who I presume was just mild asthma sufferers, detest the thing, saying that it only makes them feel groggy most of the time, and also hinder them thinking clearly. These others are also of the belief of natural or even homemade remedies to their illness. They said that Vitamin C and Omega Fatty Acids which can be naturally found in fishes, and also serve as natural antihistamine, worked wonders on them. They said that they always make it a point to always include them in their diets and was working perfectly for them, making asthma attacks fewer and far in between.

About the question I had earlier, I asked them of what they would do if ever they don’t have an inhaler handy when asthma suddenly appears. All their answers were the same as they all said that they would eventually just pray hard, that someone would help them if ever that situation happens. So in asthma, if all else fails, pray.

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Time Slowly Creeping Upon Us

The old adage that growing old is a lot like wine, wherein a person really gets better with age, is relatively true to some degree. But there inevitably comes a point, when growing old stops making one better instead it becomes the signal of the start of the bodies decline. The unwelcomed drying of the skin, the onset of arthritis, creaky bones, or worse dementia, are some of the classic sickness associated with advanced age, and we all will eventually go through some, if not all it, sometime in the future.

Even if you lived a particularly healthy life, performed exercise religiously and managed to be stress free most of the time, it will eventually not matter when the time comes, as whatever it is that we try to do to prolong our lives, barring any major break-through with regards to prolonging life expectancy, we all will suffer from the ravages of time.

If it is not because of one sickness, there will definitely be other ones that will be the cause of our problems. All of this is because of the fact that our bodies are finite things, although really marvelous in design and very unique in all aspects, it does eventually degrade and die at some point. We do everything we can to prolong its existence, but all of it is futile. The best we can do is to enjoy it in any way possible while we are still alive.

I am waxing pathetically poetic over here as I am already sort of feeling the pangs of age. I was instructed by our family physician to dutifully follow the guidelines of proper anterior hip precautions and such, because he said that if I don’t, surgery would probably be in my future.

All of this started when I kind of tripped during one of my morning jogs. I am an avid jogger and I seldom, if ever, miss jogging every day since I was young. I follow the same route at almost the same time every day, probably a little bit obsessive compulsive about it but hey it works for me this long so why change it.

I also would not be in this position if not for that dog that seemed to have escaped his owners leash somehow. The mutt crossed my path and I didn’t really see him because I was thinking about something else that time, up until the time I tripped on him. I fell awkwardly on my side and at first I felt no pain, but come the time I was already near home, I can hardly move my left leg at all.

The doctor said the pain that I am feeling is practically akin to hip flexor pain. Hip flexor pain tends to be caused by the shortening of the said muscle from too much sitting, over stretching and also trauma to the said area. I was advised to perform several hip strengthening exercises and also told to refrain from jogging for now, also of not sitting for a particularly long time, and to try to keep my body flexible, whatever that means.

Although I am still pretty much not old yet, this might be a warning sign of things yet to come. I got to get my act straight from now on as I still have many things yet to do with my life. Age will not catch up to me just yet.

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Several Skin Conditions Discussed

Our weekly meetings with mothers always are very informative times. With various ideas ranging from the mundane to the almost thought provoking ones regularly being discussed, this in turn helps each and every one of us in all sorts of ways. It is a very helpful process, that if one mother seems to have a problem in one particular area, chances are other mothers already have an experience with it and can therefore advise those who are not very versed in that particular item or problem. What it makes is a meeting full of knowledge and advice sharing wherein everyone would surely be always learning something most, if not all of the time.

One such problem that a mother brought out during one of these meetings was about her supposed pimples under the skin and the difficulty she had with it just suddenly appearing on her back, seemingly from out of nowhere and with no warnings to speak of. She said that at first she thought it was some form of cyst or something that developed from a wound or a sore, but when its number increased and the frequency of their appearance also increased, she became worried of it. She then proceeded to show us her back and all agreed that it was really just pimples that are under the skin and nothing more serious.

The mothers in attendance began to suggest of ways on how to go about treating these pimples and most of the suggestions really has valid points, as they were formed from previous experiences of these same mothers who at one time or another, also experienced it. But the general consensus among the mothers about the problem was to just leave the pimples be and let it take its natural course, and that they also said that it will just disappear on its own given time. Another helpful comment suggests of putting a warm towel over the area where the pimples are, which they say hastens the pimples maturing process, thereby shortening the time you have to suffer for it. I was glad I had the chance to listen to them as I do not have any idea of whatever it is that I will do if ever it happened to me.

The discussion then naturally went to other common skin problems, with the elder mothers complaining about the prevalence of skin tears particularly to them who are already of an advanced age. They say that it just appears when they least expect it and is even caused by such simple things like bumping into a cabinet or even just by scratching on an area of skin. They were naturally afraid of it and is seeking for other answers on how to at least be protected against it.

A doctor in the group advised on the use of moisturizing agents for the skin and also of wearing protective clothing on the areas generally susceptible to it like the upper and lower extremities, particularly on the arms. He added that the skin naturally loses its elasticity with age and is more prone to breaking, so utmost care should be observed when dealing with it.

I am very glad to be part of this group as I always increase my knowledge about various things every time we meet. There are other things I want to share with you about our meetings, and I will try my best to write about it and hopefully you can learn from it too. Follow me as there is truly much more to come.

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Keeping Hedgehogs as pets in Hedgehog cages

I live in Iowa and many people in my town have expressed interest in keeping hedgehogs as pets but since they do not know much about the animals, they cannot be sure whether it would be a good choice or not. Since we have a couple of hedgehogs as pets, many of my friends have asked me how I have been getting along with the little devils and whether or not it is too much work. For one thing, my 12-year-old daughter and my 9-year-old son love these hedgehogs so much that they have taken up all of the responsibility of taking care of the adorable little pets. Since hedgehogs are spiky, initially I had to make sure that I was around when my children were handling the hedgehogs, but with a little practice they have now become experts and can play with them whenever they want.

For someone who is considering keeping hedgehogs as pets, the most important thing is to make sure that he or she has the right cage. There are many kinds of hedgehog cages available in the market, but the best ones without a doubt are the wire-frame cages since they allow for a lot of ventilation. Another thing is that wire-frame hedgehog cages are easy to clean and you can see what the little pets are up to and if they are in any sort of problem you can fix it immediately.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when look for hedgehog cages is that they should have containers for water and food and these have to be fixed so that they don’t topple over and make a huge mess. Once you get the perfect cage that you want, make sure that you keep it clean and dry at all times so that it is comfortable for the hedgehogs.

One of the best things about having hedgehogs as pets is that they don’t make a lot of noise and are quite gentle in nature. So for someone who lives in an apartment, keeping a hedgehog as a pet might be the best option as cats, dogs and birds can be quite noisy and can result in you getting complaints from your neighbours.

My children love having hedgehogs as pets and these don’t even require a lot of time and effort. You can keep them in any room you want or, like my household, move them from one room to the other one, whenever the mood strikes.

Hedgehogs can often get sick if they are not given proper food and ventilation or if kept in a wet or moist area. So if you observe any changes in the behaviour of your hedgehog, such as lack of activity and lethargy, make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible. Get the hedgehog checked out and get it proper treatment so that it can get back to health. However, if you take good care of its nutrition and living conditions, a hedgehog will seldom have any health problem.

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A Very Happy Day at the Meeting

Some of our members are currently on their way with their first child and are very lucky that they became a part of our group. All of us are mothers, and at one point or another, has already experienced being pregnant and know almost all of the things related to it, that if they happen to have any questions regarding it, they will surely be answered in depth and on point most, if not all of the time.

One of these expecting mothers had a question, probably just on a whim, about when was the exact time that her baby was first developed or more candidly, when did they make it. Most of the group being veteran mothers, kind of smiled at the naiveté of the soon to be minted mother, and was reminded of their own innocence pertaining the topic, way back when they were also expecting their first child.

Some mothers teased the girl on having no idea about the topic, which made the girl red on the face, but all was done with good faith and with no malice attached, just good clean fun on the part of the mothers. Stories then were naturally told about each mother’s experience, some volunteering their story, some doing so after much prodding and also some which remained steadfast on their conviction of not telling the details of how they made their children, probably scared of being teased themselves.

After the ruckus ended, they kind of remembered why they talked about the topic in the first place and turned to the girl who first started the discussion. They told her of a thing on the internet which could help her find out about her query. It is somewhat a kind of Implantation Calculator, like this one, wherein one must first input relevant data that is being asked for like the date of her last period, the frequency and length of it, as well as the date of the last ovulation among other things, and a date of implantation would then appear telling which date it is that the implantation did occur. Some implantation calculators even include the date when the baby will be eventually born and other cool stuff.

The inquiring mother promised to visit the site later and continued to ask several more questions after she realized that all attention was focused on her, maybe thinking that it is the right time to finally end all her qualms about pregnancy. So she asked us on what are the typical signs of implantation that commonly occurs to pregnant mothers, because she said she was not still sure of, and is hard put on believing she is really pregnant.

The chorus was deafening as all the mothers in the room decided to talk at the same time, which was very funny to look at and experience. But upon realizing what they are doing, most of the mothers stopped talking and kind of looked at each other in a kind of silly way, and after a brief spell of silence, the laughter came back with a vengeance.

They never did get back to discussing the poor girls questions as they were lost in all things funny after that episode. It is like this in almost all of our meetings, typical mothers just letting off steam and having fun with each other.

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Healthy lifestyle with low carb vegetables and low carb fruits

As the mother of two growing children, I am constantly worried about what kind of food they are eating, what their nutritional requirements are and how I can substitute the junk food with healthier food items. When our mother’s club gathered a couple of months ago, this is was the first topic on the agenda as I wanted to see what other mothers were thinking and if some of them had thought about taking serious steps to tackle this problem. As it turns out, the topic initiated a hot debate since many mothers were worried about the kind of food their children were eating and the lack of fruits and vegetables in their diet. After a lot of debate, we thought decided to come up with interesting recipes which incorporated both fruits and vegetables in moderate quantities and tasted good as well.

For younger children, it is much easier to include low carb vegetables and low carb fruits in their diet as they are not too set in their habits and can be tempted and encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits. For instance, you can add fruits to their cereal, sauté some vegetables to go with a fried egg or a side of meat. Smoothies are another great way of incorporating more fruits into the children’s diet. The overall goal is to get growing children to eat low carb vegetables and low carb fruits so that they become healthier and can fight obesity.

Once my family and I started eating more vegetables and fruits, they started feeling healthier and more active. My husband has started playing with the kids more often and we all go out for a walk or run in the park early morning. One of the most important things that have made a huge difference is that we have replaced our snacks with low carb fruits. Whenever the kids want a snack, I hand them an apple or a banana or at times a healthy and light low carb vegetable salad. Overall this improves their energy level, their digestive system works better and they feel healthier in general. One thing that every mother with growing kids should look out for is their milk consumption. Drinking too little milk can result in a low bone density, low calcium and low vitamin D values in the body. If your kids don’t like to drink plain milk, you can add some fruits and make delicious smoothies for them. This is the perfect solution for summer months when kids want to drink something cool and often turn to sodas and other unhealthy beverages. Try offering them a chilled smoothie and see the difference.

This month when we all met for the mother’s club, many of them shared their stories about how they had incorporated more vegetables and fruits into their diet and how their kids were now healthier and much more active. Eating low carb vegetables and low carb fruits is the only way you can help you children fight obesity and all the related diseases.

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