Coloring Project for the Group

Since it’s been a while that we did something out of the ordinary, I am thinking of proposing a little project for all the moms that are part of our group. Coloring books have been a passion of mine since I was little and I wanted to share my experiences with it to other people, particularly kids of this generation who, at an early age, seem to have lost themselves to everything electronic. I want to at least make them experience real physical activities and also for them to make several friends along the way, through the old fashion way.

coloring pensColoring books are powerful learning tools that encourage the overall progress of a child. When a child colors something, he further hones his hand to eye coordination, which is still in its developing stages, and when repeated oftentimes, will also lead to a much sharper mind capable of awakening different new pathways in the brain. Coloring books also help the child’s cognitive abilities like his perception of things, his motor skills, his attention and memory, and also of his visual and spatial acuity among other things.

But the most important thing that coloring books seem to have developed in me is creativity. Where else can you create a world wherein you are capable of doing whatever you like? I have fond memories of me getting lost in this magical world and I am guilty of continuing it until now. Sometimes I just download images from the internet like the Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages or the Skylanders Coloring Pages and print it for my children to color, you can find them at I do join them in coloring these images and it makes for a very happy and productive afternoon with the kids.

What I am eventually planning to do, is that I would print many of these coloring pages, probably around five hundred different images, and then we would invite the moms in our group to bring their little children with them, so that we can enjoy an afternoon of coloring. And all of us, including the mothers, would have to join in on the fun, no one is exempted. It certainly would be a very nice, if not chaotically funny, sight to watch every one of us holding a crayon and bent down coloring something.

But in order for the activity to push through, I must have it first be approved by the group, and we also must dig through all the gritty details involved in this sort of undertaking. I would gladly volunteer the printing of the images, but the funding for all the crayons that was needed to be purchased must be found. Maybe we could chip in for the total cost but I really don’t know if they will agree with it. Another thing is the place where it will be held, there is about a hundred of us moms in our group, and estimating that every mother would bring at least one child will make it about two hundred of us present in the event, now where will we find that large a place that can fit all of us.

I’m beginning to think that this is not a very feasible idea, but I tell you that if this ever pushes through, they would be eventually thanking me, as I believe this would be a very productive, if not very happy event for all of us. I just wish we get to hold it.

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