Hello Friends! My name is Rita P Channing from The Mother’s Club. I currently reside in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. My family consists of my husband of 10 years, 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. I am a stay at home mom. Ever since I lived in Iowa and started my family, I wanted to get to know everyone in my neighborhood. One day, I watched an episode of Oprah and they were talking about a group of mothers forming a club every week to get to know each other. That is when I got inspired and thought to myself, I could form my own mother’s club so that I can get to know everyone in my town. After a year of launching this club, we have grown over 100 members. Every week, we would gather at a mother’s house to have a get together where we discuss topics such as bullying in schools to finding new recipes to try and to socialize. It’s a great experience to get to know your neighbors and to make new friends. I have started this blog to share the various issues that we have discussed and welcome any new members that would like to join us!! We would love to hear from you and meet you!!

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