Having Dog Problems

I have been yearning to get my hands on a Bichon Poodle for such a long time now. In fact once I get rid of our current dog, which is a Doberman, I would be sure of getting one posthaste.

I do not have anything against Dobermans per se and I think they are said to be particularly loyal kinds of dog, but ours seem to be a little bit crazy and stuff. You really can’t tell of a dog’s demeanor just by basing it on his breed or other parameters, sadly you have to experience it firsthand before knowing it, as was our case. It is like he’s the black sheep of the entire Doberman breed or something.

He keeps digging through most of our backyard and he even barks at us like he doesn’t know us. The children are also getting pretty scared of him so I thought of letting him go finally. But I also thought that instead of getting him be put to sleep or something to that effect, which is pretty much cruel if you asked me, maybe I will just send him to the pound for adoption or something. I did give him many chances to shape up, but it seems that he is already set on his ways and will never change, that is why I have given up on him.

Anyways, back to my dream dog of which I am very close to owning one, and I very well know that the children would love the idea of it too as they are very family oriented kinds of dog that are typical to these kinds of poodle mixes. The Bichon Poodle is generally a small kind of dog that is no bigger than a poodle and weighs just as much, or around ten to fifteen pounds when fully grown. They have soft wavy coats that never shed, which is an inherent trait of the poodle, and they also has floppy looking ears and pointy kind of muzzles, not to mention their small round eyes that is always enchanting to look at. Their average life expectancy is about eleven to fifteen man years, which if you think about it, makes them sturdy kinds of dogs built for the long haul type of thing.

Bichon Poodles are very intelligent and family oriented at the same time. They like to always please people which make them very suitable around children, and they are also very conducive to learning, that it is not far from them performing many kinds of tricks, provided they are trained well that is.

I think the Bichon Poodle is a perfect match for me and my family. A small, unassuming and loving dog, not to mention a gorgeous one that will always be around when you call, never fights you, and never digs large holes in the backyard, which he probably can’t even manage to do, but I am willing to see him try as that would be a cute little sight.

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