Healthy lifestyle with low carb vegetables and low carb fruits

As the mother of two growing children, I am constantly worried about what kind of food they are eating, what their nutritional requirements are and how I can substitute the junk food with healthier food items. When our mother’s club gathered a couple of months ago, this is was the first topic on the agenda as I wanted to see what other mothers were thinking and if some of them had thought about taking serious steps to tackle this problem. As it turns out, the topic initiated a hot debate since many mothers were worried about the kind of food their children were eating and the lack of fruits and vegetables in their diet. After a lot of debate, we thought decided to come up with interesting recipes which incorporated both fruits and vegetables in moderate quantities and tasted good as well.

For younger children, it is much easier to include low carb vegetables and low carb fruits in their diet as they are not too set in their habits and can be tempted and encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits. For instance, you can add fruits to their cereal, sauté some vegetables to go with a fried egg or a side of meat. Smoothies are another great way of incorporating more fruits into the children’s diet. The overall goal is to get growing children to eat low carb vegetables and low carb fruits so that they become healthier and can fight obesity.

Once my family and I started eating more vegetables and fruits, they started feeling healthier and more active. My husband has started playing with the kids more often and we all go out for a walk or run in the park early morning. One of the most important things that have made a huge difference is that we have replaced our snacks with low carb fruits. Whenever the kids want a snack, I hand them an apple or a banana or at times a healthy and light low carb vegetable salad. Overall this improves their energy level, their digestive system works better and they feel healthier in general. One thing that every mother with growing kids should look out for is their milk consumption. Drinking too little milk can result in a low bone density, low calcium and low vitamin D values in the body. If your kids don’t like to drink plain milk, you can add some fruits and make delicious smoothies for them. This is the perfect solution for summer months when kids want to drink something cool and often turn to sodas and other unhealthy beverages. Try offering them a chilled smoothie and see the difference.

This month when we all met for the mother’s club, many of them shared their stories about how they had incorporated more vegetables and fruits into their diet and how their kids were now healthier and much more active. Eating low carb vegetables and low carb fruits is the only way you can help you children fight obesity and all the related diseases.

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