Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day Ideas – From Phone Calls to Brunches to Benches

Your search for Mother’s Day ideas needn’t be restricted to simply trying to find a nice gift. Admittedly, most mothers will more than appreciate simply being remembered. A greeting card is always a good idea if your mother lives far away. A phone call will often mean even more to her.  While most people enjoy receiving gifts, and mothers are no exception, they can be genuinely hurt if the Day passes by without a word from anyone in their family. Just sending a card or making a phone call isn’t being cheap, but either should be considered to be a minimum one should give as a gesture of love and appreciation. There are at least a couple of things you can do for your mother on her special day. The most important thing of all however is to remember it, no matter how you go about doing so. The next important thing is to do something special for your mother, if you’re in a position to do so.


Refrigerator Art is Fine – If You’re a Very Young Child

Some moms treasure a homemade greeting card or craft constructed by a very young son or daughter. A card may have an honored, or even hallowed, spot on the refrigerator door until the next holiday rolls, around, or in some cases forever. Others like nothing more than to be visited on the Day by children who have long since moved from home, the next best thing being a long-distance phone call.


Consider Letting Your Mother Choose a Gift

When you’re looking for ideas, the focus usually is on gifts. There are beautiful gifts, there are practical gifts, and there are a good many tacky gifts as well. It pays to know what Mom wants, needs, likes, or appreciates. She’ll no doubt be happy with whatever gift you give her, as it’s the thought that counts, but you don’t to give her something that’s going to spend all of the time on a high shelf in the bedroom or in the back of a closet. Unless you know your Mother better than you think you do, you need to be careful about purchasing gifts of home decor. If you choose to go that route, instead of making the gift a total surprise, let your mother pick an item out. Take her shopping. It’s part of her gift.

If you’re thinking about taking your mother shopping for her Mother’s Day gift, give some thought to treating her to brunch, lunch, or dinner as well. You can always make the outing the gift, and add a bouquet of flowers for an added touch. Speaking of flowers, they make one of the nicest Mother’s Day ideas of all. They don’t last forever, but they don’t need to. They’ll be greatly appreciated even if they begin to wilt within a few short days.


Queen for a Day

You can either go someplace with your mother, or send her someplace, like to a week-end spa. If you’re her daughter she might enjoy your company. If you’re her son, she would probably understand your not accompanying her to the spa. Whatever your choice is, the real gift is getting her away from her daily routine, no matter how much she may be accustomed to it, and give her a taste of something else for a day or two. If you make the right choice it could become an annual ritual. If you have brothers and/or sisters, consider having everyone chip in and send your mother to somewhere a bit more exotic than a local spa. Another Mother’s Day idea would be a picnic or family reunion, assuming most of the relatives attending are people your mother wouldn’t mind spending her Day with.


Books, Raised Beds, and Benches

If Mom likes gardening, coming up with a good Mother’s Day idea should be a lead-pipe cinch. After all, Mother’ Day comes at a time of the year when gardening is in full swing. Consider plants, gardening books, handy gardening tools, or maybe a bench to sit on when it’s time to take a break. Unless your mother lives in an apartment, a bench is an excellent idea if she enjoys spending a part of her time outside, whether it’s working in a garden or not. The subject of discussion here is definitely not a plastic bench, but a quality solid, handsome, wooden bench that can stand the test of time. Just remember, it’s not a piece of lawn furniture, it’s her bench, and it could be something she would treasure for many years.

Another gardening-related idea is, if you’re handy with tools, to construct one or more raised beds for her flowers or vegetables. Plants in raised beds generally are healthier, bear more flowers or fruit, and are easier to maintain. If you are of the opinion that she would really enjoy gardening more if she had a few raised beds, send her away for a day or two, and while she’s gone construct several raised beds and  landscape the area around them with bark or gravel. You can also add a bench.

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