Our Take on Photography

Another one of our monthly meetings have passed and may I say that it has been a pretty successful one to say the least. We have discussed, among other things, our hobbies, which dare I say was only limited to two areas mainly on photography and exercise. We are all women after all and mothers at that, so it wasn’t any surprise that we all have, more or less, the same kind of thinking about things.

During light moments we kept discussing about photography and everything about it. What is a nice camera, the different types of lenses, how to shoot subjects, also the more technical things like what is an aperture or time of exposure, what’s the best travel tripod available in the market, and even the best camera cases, etc. It was really fun talking about it and very informative too.

Just imagine that our planned topic for the day was about water safety in the home, and although we took a swing at it and discussed several alternatives for safe drinking water like what’s the best filtration system out there or the best reverse osmosis system that is already available for home use, but we always managed to get waylaid on discussion which seem to always gravitate towards photography.

Even the ones who are not very keen about the subject became interested in it as the discussions became torrid with each and every member having her say on this and that. It was fun all throughout the meeting and I did learn a lot from it. I did not get to share any thoughts on the matter as I was too busy directing traffic and maintaining proper decorum amongst the members, who were more like little children showing off their newest toys to their friends, which also looked kind of cute.

Well we were almost to the point of discussing making another club about you know what, yes photography. Some even suggested that we have a separate meeting date about it and that it should be an ongoing weekly thing. It was a little fortunate that they saw the logistics involved in such an undertaking to be very much daunting and very hard to fit on our schedules, mothers do have quite very little time to spare as it is.

What was suggested, and eventually agreed upon, was for us to create a Facebook group that is wholly dedicated to photography. There we could post any picture taken by any member on any subject matter under the sun. It would also be the place where anyone can post tutorials or tips and tricks that could also benefit everybody. We could also talk as much as we want in there with no limit of time or place whatsoever, so that’s very nice.

It is very good that we found something we could all agree upon as it makes us so much closer to one another. It also offers us an avenue where we can express ourselves much more and gives us another way of relaxation that is very far away from the stresses of daily life.

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