Several Skin Conditions Discussed

Our weekly meetings with mothers always are very informative times. With various ideas ranging from the mundane to the almost thought provoking ones regularly being discussed, this in turn helps each and every one of us in all sorts of ways. It is a very helpful process, that if one mother seems to have a problem in one particular area, chances are other mothers already have an experience with it and can therefore advise those who are not very versed in that particular item or problem. What it makes is a meeting full of knowledge and advice sharing wherein everyone would surely be always learning something most, if not all of the time.

One such problem that a mother brought out during one of these meetings was about her supposed pimples under the skin and the difficulty she had with it just suddenly appearing on her back, seemingly from out of nowhere and with no warnings to speak of. She said that at first she thought it was some form of cyst or something that developed from a wound or a sore, but when its number increased and the frequency of their appearance also increased, she became worried of it. She then proceeded to show us her back and all agreed that it was really just pimples that are under the skin and nothing more serious.

The mothers in attendance began to suggest of ways on how to go about treating these pimples and most of the suggestions really has valid points, as they were formed from previous experiences of these same mothers who at one time or another, also experienced it. But the general consensus among the mothers about the problem was to just leave the pimples be and let it take its natural course, and that they also said that it will just disappear on its own given time. Another helpful comment suggests of putting a warm towel over the area where the pimples are, which they say hastens the pimples maturing process, thereby shortening the time you have to suffer for it. I was glad I had the chance to listen to them as I do not have any idea of whatever it is that I will do if ever it happened to me.

The discussion then naturally went to other common skin problems, with the elder mothers complaining about the prevalence of skin tears particularly to them who are already of an advanced age. They say that it just appears when they least expect it and is even caused by such simple things like bumping into a cabinet or even just by scratching on an area of skin. They were naturally afraid of it and is seeking for other answers on how to at least be protected against it.

A doctor in the group advised on the use of moisturizing agents for the skin and also of wearing protective clothing on the areas generally susceptible to it like the upper and lower extremities, particularly on the arms. He added that the skin naturally loses its elasticity with age and is more prone to breaking, so utmost care should be observed when dealing with it.

I am very glad to be part of this group as I always increase my knowledge about various things every time we meet. There are other things I want to share with you about our meetings, and I will try my best to write about it and hopefully you can learn from it too. Follow me as there is truly much more to come.

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