Steps to Finding the Perfect Dog for Your Family

Steps to Finding the Perfect Dog for Your Family

In the United States, there are an estimated 70 million dogs, which is only second to cats. Several crucial question arises when looking to add a dog to your current family. Personally, as a mom I love to have a furry little friend with me all the time.  My family and I recently followed the following steps when choosing the perfect dog for our family, and couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Step One: Consult with Your Family
Having a dog is a commitment; there’s just no way around it. The dog needs to be walked, cleaned up after, groomed, paid attention to, and fed. If not everyone on your family is onboard with the idea, for whatever reason, you should refrain from going straight to the pet store or adoption center and getting a dog.

Step Two: Pick an Energy Level
Do you want a dog that keeps running around, or a dog that will sleep most of the day? If you’re a runner or a very active person, a higher energy dog may be perfect for you. If you’re like one of my neighbor, and just enjoy sitting down with a nice book or taking short walks once a day, maybe a lower energy dog is for you.

Step Three: Pick Specific Qualities
When my family and I were choosing our perfect dog, size, hair length, and age were very important factors. A large dog and small dog both have different advantages and disadvantages. Hair length is another important factor, due to the fact that most dogs shed. Do you want to go out and buy an eight week old puppy or adopt an older adult dog from an adoption center? This is something that you have to decide with your family. Also, do you have other animals such as a cat or other dog? If so, you’re going to want a dog that will get along other animals.

Step Four: Choose a Breed
Choosing a breed will embody decisions your family made in steps two and three. There are hundreds of pure bred breeds to choose from, and even cross breeds such as a husky pomeranian mix. Each breed also has a standard of personality and abilities, such as sporting, working, or toy breeds. Be aware, that every individual dog may stray from their breed personality standards; that is perfectly normal.

Step Five: Start Going Out to See Dogs
My family chose to adopt a dog due to the overcrowding at animal shelters here in Iowa. That being said, many families opt to buy a dog from the pet store. When meeting dogs, make sure you’re whole family is there to socialize and interact with your potentially new family member. When you find the dog that you and your family members agree on, be sure to buy the necessities. A leash, collar, food and water bowls, and toys are all must haves.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Pet
Finally, bring your new family member home and show him or her an unconditional amount of love!

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