The world of tattoos from a mother’s perspective

Being a stay at home mom for me was not an easy choice. I used to work two jobs before I got married and still worked till I had my first boy. However, after two more kids working was not an option for me especially since we moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is a lovely town and I love spending time with my children but sometimes it got a little mundane and I felt the need to do something more with my life. That’s when I thought of joining the mother’s club in town and was delighted when they accepted me. After a few months as a member, I  was overjoyed when all the mother there chose to vote me as the head of the club. I have always enjoyed leading teams as part of my professional life and now being given this chance in my residential area was too good to be true.

The first challenge I faced as the head of the town’s mother club was when a tattoo parlor opened up in the area – needless to say there was a mixed reaction. The teenagers were excited and thrilled – their parents, on the other hand, were concerned. Most mothers were concerned about infectious diseases and did not want their kids to go there. As the head of the mothers’ club I was tasked with the responsibility to investigate about the tattoo parlor and find out everything I could. Never one to turn down a challenge, I geared up for this task and first did some research on the internet. I will admit that some of the things I found about tattoos were disturbing. However, I was able to find out that the most popular trends these days were side tattoos for girls and chest tattoos for men.

After getting myself acquainted with all the right terminology, I headed to the tattoo parlor to see what kind of an operation they were running. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a pleasant woman of not more than 35. She ushered me into the room where they had all the designs and patterns. Even as I entered, I saw Raymond from across the street who was browsing through designs for chest tattoos for men. He picked the one with a skull and fire and within minutes was ready to get inked – as they call getting a tattoo now. I sat there, looking at some designs – all the while observing the woman who was preparing to work on Raymond’s chest. The first positive sign was that she took out brand new needles and then swabbed his chest with alcohol. All the inks she used bore labels and I started chatting to her about the procedure, the risks and the problems involved.

Pretty soon she had me convinced that they were running a legit business and the work she was doing was incredible. I was looking at some designs for side tattoos for girls and one of those captured my attention. I was always known to be impulsive so I chose to get a tattoo myself. After all what better way to convince the club that I was on board with the parlor operating in the area. I have to say, the tattoo she created is a work of art. I managed to surprise everyone I know by getting a tattoo but one thing I learned from this is that if a tattoo parlor is operating in a proper manner with everything at a par with the highest standards, you don’t have to worry at all.

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