Time Slowly Creeping Upon Us

The old adage that growing old is a lot like wine, wherein a person really gets better with age, is relatively true to some degree. But there inevitably comes a point, when growing old stops making one better instead it becomes the signal of the start of the bodies decline. The unwelcomed drying of the skin, the onset of arthritis, creaky bones, or worse dementia, are some of the classic sickness associated with advanced age, and we all will eventually go through some, if not all it, sometime in the future.

Even if you lived a particularly healthy life, performed exercise religiously and managed to be stress free most of the time, it will eventually not matter when the time comes, as whatever it is that we try to do to prolong our lives, barring any major break-through with regards to prolonging life expectancy, we all will suffer from the ravages of time.

If it is not because of one sickness, there will definitely be other ones that will be the cause of our problems. All of this is because of the fact that our bodies are finite things, although really marvelous in design and very unique in all aspects, it does eventually degrade and die at some point. We do everything we can to prolong its existence, but all of it is futile. The best we can do is to enjoy it in any way possible while we are still alive.

I am waxing pathetically poetic over here as I am already sort of feeling the pangs of age. I was instructed by our family physician to dutifully follow the guidelines of proper anterior hip precautions and such, because he said that if I don’t, surgery would probably be in my future.

All of this started when I kind of tripped during one of my morning jogs. I am an avid jogger and I seldom, if ever, miss jogging every day since I was young. I follow the same route at almost the same time every day, probably a little bit obsessive compulsive about it but hey it works for me this long so why change it.

I also would not be in this position if not for that dog that seemed to have escaped his owners leash somehow. The mutt crossed my path and I didn’t really see him because I was thinking about something else that time, up until the time I tripped on him. I fell awkwardly on my side and at first I felt no pain, but come the time I was already near home, I can hardly move my left leg at all.

The doctor said the pain that I am feeling is practically akin to hip flexor pain. Hip flexor pain tends to be caused by the shortening of the said muscle from too much sitting, over stretching and also trauma to the said area. I was advised to perform several hip strengthening exercises and also told to refrain from jogging for now, also of not sitting for a particularly long time, and to try to keep my body flexible, whatever that means.

Although I am still pretty much not old yet, this might be a warning sign of things yet to come. I got to get my act straight from now on as I still have many things yet to do with my life. Age will not catch up to me just yet.

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