Tooth Misadventure

It was a busy day for me as I was lost in preparation for our weekly meeting this coming Saturday. It is the group’s anniversary again and I want to make sure everything would go according to plan and turn out well. Today I was shopping around for cakes that will be the focal point of our celebration, because we all know everybody loves cake, mothers included, and it was important for the cake to be big enough to fit most of our names in it, probably just nicknames or initials, but still it has to be really big. It also has to taste good as nobody ever wants a bland cake so I am making sure to find a delicious one that everybody would enjoy.

Then it happened. On the third bakeshop that I went to, whose cakes were both good looking and delicious to boot, I kind of chipped one of my tooth, during a taste testing of sorts, when I bit into a cake that had many nuts in it. I was thinking that maybe that was my punishment for eating cakes all day and that made me smile a little bit.

But the smile was immediately wiped off from my face as I felt a shooting kind of pain on the chipped tooth. It was so severe that it stopped me talking and had to find a chair to sit down on, as I can barely stand up from the throbbing pain that I felt. The store owner was kind enough to bring me a glass of water, and also instructed one of his workers to buy for me Tylenol for tooth pain relief and it was also good that a drugstore was nearby, as I don’t really see myself walking after this.

After much gargling in the bathroom to remove any remaining nuts in my teeth and drinking the medicine, the pain subsided a little bit, offering me a window to offer my profuse thanks to these men who helped me. I just left my card and promised to get back to them, with regards to the cake that I will be ordering for this coming Saturday. The owner concurred and I was almost out the door, when the pain came back. Believe me I froze on the door because of the pain.

The same set of men helped me again, this time bringing ice to somehow numb the pain that I am feeling. Now I really don’t know from where the pain is really coming from. There is gum pain, tooth pain and even the back of my head seems to ache as much and I am at a loss of what to do. Times like these you don’t think about anything else, a war may be breaking outside the store and you really won’t feel it, all you know is that your tooth is aching.

They also drove me to a local dentist and had an emergency tooth bonding done under anesthesia. I was so lucky that I went to the right store to have an episode like that. I can’t imagine what might happen to me if that was not the case. Kudos to the men of Jules Bakery located at 3201 Armar Drive, you really did your very best in helping me, and you have my business from now on.

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