True Meaning of Community

There recently were several cases of diarrhea that happened in one of our neighbors which brought a little worry to not a few residents here in our place. You see we are kind of a tight knit community and we keep it a point to help one another in any way we can, be it babysitting for one another or house guarding whenever the residents are away on vacation, we always volunteer our services to those who are in need. Many of the residents are in fact related to one another and almost all of us kind of knew each other since we were little, so it is not hard to imagine the things we are willing to do to help.

The household in question belongs to that of my close friend Abby, who is also in the later part of her pregnancy, and is currently living alone with her two little kids, mainly because her husband is away on a business trip of sorts and is not due back till next month. So you can clearly see the worry that we have for them.

Abby and her two kids, aged two and five, were all suffering from diarrhea and is hard put on maintaining daily living because of the stresses being put on them by the illness. Notwithstanding that she is pregnant and that diarrhea during pregnancy, although not very serious, is very hard, especially to Abby who is alone taking all the responsibility for the three of them, says that she didn’t particularly know what caused it.

Diarrhea is almost always caused by factors outside of our body. Its causes are usually from bacteria, viruses, medication, food intolerances, food poisoning among other things and even stress can cause it. Diarrhea is characterized by frequent bowel movements, usually liquid, in a span of a short time. Its cure is dependent on what eventually caused it, and although not recommended, it usually cures itself when left alone, typically within two to three days from its onset.

What is important in diarrhea is to always guard against dehydration from happening, particularly with diarrhea in toddlers, whose bodies are not yet fully developed and has no means of quickly flushing the toxins by themselves, dehydration poses a very large risk to their well-being, and also ultimately to their lives.

I, along with two friends, volunteered to stay with them until everything was okay. We were to take shifts on staying with them, making sure that there is always somebody there, whatever the time, which they can call to and ask for help and what not. Others took care of finding what did cause their diarrhea, which we later found out was the spoiled burritos that they ate.

We are also planning to take the matter up with the restaurant that served them the burritos and charge them for whatever cost is incurred with regards to their illness, and also demand the changing of their procedures so that this thing will never happen again. With the help of everyone around them, thankfully they did manage to get well soon enough.

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